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Glass fiber fire blanket refers to the high temperature resistant felt blanket .These fire extinguishing articles made of medium alkali or non-alkali glass fiber cloth with a certain thickness, which is folded and stitched on four sides, commonly known as fire blanket or fireproof blanket. 

(1).Product Specification:


First:Main application:

It is mainly used in the initial stage of fire accident. When the fire is just lit, the emergency fire blanket is covered on the fire source point, so as to put out the flame directly and prevent it from spreading into a major fire accident.

SECOND:Main materials:

It is usually made of CW3732, CW3784 or EW3732, EW3784 twill or satin glass fiber cloth which is cut into different lengths(1m、1.2m、1.5m、1.8m and 2.0,etc. ) and then sew up.

THIRD:Major advantages:

1、low price and low cost; 

2、heat aging resistance and  Weather aging resistance,basically will not expired and can be placed for a long time without losing efficacy;

3、Not secondary environmental pollution problems;

4、Of good insulation performance and high and low temperature resistance.

FOURTH:Method of use:

1.At the initial stage of the fire, the flame can be put out in a short time by simply covering the fire blanket. After the fire is extinguished and the fire blanket is cooled, it can be disposed of as non-combustible garbage;

2.When the fire has developed into an accident, people can wrap themselves up by fire blanket before going through the fire with lower risk of getting the body burnt,therefore it’s also called as fireproof blanket.


Please keep the fire blanket in a convenient place for quick access in case of an accident.

Check once a year whether it is in good condition, please replace it immediately if there is any problem.

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