E/C Glass Fiberglass Yarn

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E/C Glass Fiberglass Yarn  made of C/E glass, is treated with starch type/paraffin type/silane type sizing.

It's is a kind of single-ply or multi-plied fiberglass yarn with twisting.According to composition it can be divided into E-glass and C-alass.

Can be well combined with epoxyresin unsaturated polyester resin, vinyl resin, phenolic resin.

It's mainly used for weaving all kinds of textile cloth in the scope of reinforcement,insulation corrosion resistance, heat resistance among all civil industries.

1.Product Features:

High tensile strength;Low fuzz;Easy to combine with resin;Fabric feels soft;Ideal material for grinding wheel mesh and filter cloth.


C-glass Fiberglass Yarn is mainly used for weaving fibeglass mesh, grinding wheel reinforced mesh, high temperature resistant glass fiber rope, high temperature resistant insulating sleeve, fireproof cloth, etc.

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